Akashic Records Soul Profile Reading and Clearing

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This report is a primer to the akashic records. It helps you understand who you are at a soul level.

At the core, this type of Akashic Records Reading does not look at the future. It is a snapshot of the conscious and unconscious factors of past life karma, and ancestral karma affecting your life right now.

While I am intuitive, I don’t claim to be “psychic.” If you have a certain situation you want to look at, please give me the details needed to look into it. I also don’t do future predictions, as I don’t personally believe anyone can know the future for sure … because it is always changing.

However, I can let you know what energies are coming in, as well as what is impacting you right now, that will lead to you the next steps to get you to where you need to go.

Starseeds, we are here for a particular reason. When you understand yourself, you start to piece together your purpose.

✅What is your galaxy of origin?
✅How many lifetimes have you had on earth?
✅What gifts and challenges do that bring into this incarnation?
✅What energy centers are your most potent & where do your most substantial gifts lie? What challenges may you face with these powerful energy centers?
✅Where is your god spark(s) located, which allows for an additional flow of divine source energy and gifts? Do you have candidacy for a second god spark?
✅Are there any of your god sparks damaged?
✅How many guides do you have?
✅Are any of your guides negative and need to be cleared from your team?
✅ How many white lights do you have? Do you have any blue lights?
✅How many shields of protection were you born with? How many do you currently have?
✅I will also ask how if there are 1 or 2 yes or no questions you would like to ask your Akashic Records.

You will receive a PDF report answering all the above questions. If something does not apply to you, I will denote it in your reading.

You will receive a 21-day spiritual exercise to raise your shields of protection, heal any damaged god sparks & clear out any guides that no longer serve you.

Delivery Time for Akashic Readings

48 hours after your order

I care about my time with you and want to make sure I can balance giving my full attention to you and my family obligations.
How it works:
✅You order & add the info required
✅I will send a confirmation message & follow up on any questions.
✅I will give you the report a week after you purchase.
✅You can ask up to 5 questions you have about the report (most people have one 1 or 2!)

What I need from you:

1) Name of Recipient
3)Birth Location (City, State, Country)
3)) Exact Birth Time (am or pm) — {OK if you don’t have this}

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27 reviews
100% of buyers enjoyed this product!
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  1. Des

    Amazing experience. The PDFs were so detailed and resonated completely. As someone just beginning their spiritual journey, I had a few questions and Soya answered promptly with patience and kindness. 100% recommend to anyone who is even slightly interested. Sonya is genuine and authentic, you will not be disappointed.

  2. Morbid Melancholy

    Sonya is very gifted and it was more than evident in my reading. I really appreciate the time and effort she put into the preparation of my pdf files and the attention to detail and love is felt in every word she wrote. The information is so incredible and really this is a priceless reading for yourself and makes an amazing gift for anyone you love. I feel so close to myself and closer to my alignment after this reading. Truly life changing and I cant thank her enough. She is simply the best!!!!! 🤍🤍🤍

  3. Shimmery Moon

    Exceptional and insightful reading. Sonya is extremely kind and the reading resonated very well on a deep level. I highly recommend her readings, she has a great gift!

  4. Amber

    This was the most thorough reading I’ve received to date! The amount of care and time Sonya puts into her readings is impeccable. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Soul Profile reading but it resonated mind, body and spirit. I got a look at myself that no one else has been able to provide. I’ll definitely be back for other readings. Thank you!! 💚✨

  5. Shannon Woods

    Such an insightful in depth reading. You can tell Sonya put a lot of time and care in her work. This reading is beneficial if you’re looking to understand your soul on a deeper level. ♥️

  6. Jill

    Dearest Sonya is the most brilliant shining star!!! After receiving the BLESSINGS of her beautiful readings, insights, and clearings you can move forward in life with grace and ease. Her words and guidance is coming from total unconditional love. She is also kind, careful in her words, and has her eye on the highest good! The information is so helpful and trustworthy. She is doing the work of the Angels on Earth!!! Of all the things I tried in the past to get information, nothing was ever as wonderful as this. It is the truth and you can feel it! We are forever GRATEFUL for/to Sonya! xoxo

  7. Razel

    I am very content and pleased with my reading! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and when the time came I resonated with everything I was given. Her readings was so in-depth and accurately detailed that many things she wrote warmed my heart and soul. This was such a lovely reading and it puts in perspective many things. She was also able to clarify some of my questions. Thank you Sonya for your patience, knowledge, and professionalism— such an incredible reading!

  8. Ruta Juceviciute

    I couldn’t be happier and recommend this to everyone. Sonya’s readings come with a lot of information, they’re done with love and care, and I feel I know better now how to deal with certain situations in my life. Thank you!

  9. Mariah Hilliard

    Sonya is amazingly talented! My reading was so well detailed and resonated with me so much. She did an amazing job at updating me on my order status and delivered it promptly when she said she would! Much love and light to you Sonya! Thank you for helping me remember. 🤍

  10. Jidapha

    This is my first time for this type of reading. There is a lot information for me to take in. I think I still need some time to process. Overall, I’m happy to have Sonya to read for me. She is very kind and friendly. She also messaged me about turnaround time and things which I appreciated. I can see she is doing her best with the service and the quality of the reading. Thank you so much Sonya.

  11. Venessa Bell

    Sonya has given me the quality and accuracy of Akashic reading which are excellent and on point. Her Customer service and communication are quick and efficient and she was very friendly which has met my expectations. Please keep spreading positive light and love, keep up with the good work.

  12. Raven C

    What an amazing experience! I first ordered for my fiancé and then quickly turned around and ordered a reading for myself. My fiancé was overwhelmed with delight while reading through Sonya’s notes for her. The reading was very thorough and had a good amount of interesting information. I am currently awaiting my reading in anticipation and excitement. You can certainly feel just how kind and genuine Sonya is, even through simple messages. I will (and already have) be using and recommending her services in the future. 🙂

  13. Sabrina

    My Akashic Reading was exhilarating. The characteristics described are so on point. I recognize them in myself, but have never put them into words. I view this reading as thorough. I really appreciate the attention to detail. I’m glad that I have the clarity of what I need to work on in life, my challenges, and life lessons. I am very happy with the reading.

  14. Heinrich Fecher

    Sonya is a very gentle and kind soul and her reading has picked up everything what I’ve been feeling inside of me. Of course you have to believe in it but for me, it was worth every cent. She could easily ask for a lot more money which gives her even more credibility in my opinion. If you are seeking to have worded out your innermost feelings, 10/10 would recommend!!!

  15. Dee Ramirez

    So well done and when I read thru my reading, I felt a warmth and i just knew that my path in life now, is where i am supposed to be. Do not hesitate, you won’t be disappointed!!

  16. Quintashia

    By far the best, I love this beautiful soul, the energy and time Sonya puts into the reading is amazing, much appreciated. The price is beyond affordable compared to the value you are actually getting. Very hard to compare. She deals with you beyond being a client but instead a soul it shows and leaks out through her work. She is definitely about her work. I will continue to use her services.

  17. Luvcrystaldesigns

    I was really surprised and satisfied with my report it was 7 days I’m very impatient so I was wondering everyday how it was going lol right after I read it I went back for a second time a read it again I loved the fact that a 21 day clearing and different things were added to help us on our journey as I write this I did follow up with questions I haven’t heard back yet but I know I will soon I’m so excited to continue what I came to earth to do I show gratitude to her and family for this wonderful gift

  18. Lya G

    The reading from Sonya was absolutely lovely and I found it very comfortable and easy to understand. I was able to find some confirmations. 🙂

  19. Jorge Asencio

    It was a surprise to see traits of myself in the reading. Good information to clear doubts of my origin and soul purpose. Thanks.

  20. milky twinkle

    incredible!! extremely accurate its insane. never had a reading so intensely accurate and in depth before. very clean and neat report too very pleasingly presented and organized. i highly highly highly HIGHLY recommend buying this. so in depth and so accurate im still in shock.

  21. Kim

    absolutely amazing service, quality in reading just blew my mind. Everything I needed and more. Sonya is a special soul 😇

  22. Yesenia Fuentes

    I love love love this reading!! It means so much to me. Described me like if she knew me. Very sweet person. I love the confirmation of what I always felt, that I was a star seed 🥰. Thank you and so sorry for the delay in the review. I thought I submitted it already. Blessings friend 💜

  23. Ami Rose

    Just WOW! Sonya is amazing. From keeping me updated on the progress of my report to the quality of the final reading….superb! I was blown away. I fully recommend the soul profile and mini- clearing session if your are looking for a more in depth reading with some substance and answers. I also felt the clearing in my body around the time it was performed! Highly recommend. 🙂

  24. Maggie

    The quality and value of this is unprecedented! Sonya is lovely and I am so happy I purchased this. 10/10 recommend 🙂

  25. Sophia

    I enjoyed every second of this reading, got me quite emotional aha :’)) i’ve gained a lot of clarity/insight, it’s very through and covers a lot! even includes personal rituals and meditation practices which i was so overjoyed to see : Sonya is very sweet and delivers beautiful readings ! love & light to all 🤍🤍

  26. demelza fry

    great soul profile and so spot on, I was like – how do you know these things. Very interested to dive deeper to learn more. Thank you xxx

  27. Chrissy O’Callaghan

    Sonya does an absolutely amazing job! I highly recommend! After getting the reading done for my fiance and myself my entire family was curious about getting one done as well! She is the real deal!

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