Future Child Sketches

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Ready To Meet Your Future Child?

🔮Do you already have a person you love? And you probably have plans for the future. You want to have children and you are curious about what your son or daughter will look like.
🔮Have you ever found yourself wondering who your future children will be like? Will they have your personality and your partners looks?

I will help you to see the future using my clairvoyant abilities.

✏️ How does it work?

Using abilities that have been passed down through family I am able to gain accurate readings, all I require is your full name and date of birth. The drawing you receive will be as detailed and realistic to my abilities, which I can guarantee are spectacular. Also, you will receive a prediction about the character of your baby and about his/her future life and some other insights and clues that I have discovered during the meditation.

I will look into your birth chart and my tarot cards and I will find out all the exciting details!!

Your future child drawing will have lifelike quality and vivid detail, and will be delivered conveniently in digital form.

✏️ What will receive?

Usually, the process takes no longer than 24h but being an artistic spiritual approach this timeframe could slightly vary.
Once the whole process is finished, Reading and the drawing of your future children will be sent as a digital download to your email.

❤️I suggest you to take a step towards your Destiny – I describe psychological portrait of your future children and will portray your future children! If you are ready – go ahead! It is very interesting!


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17 reviews
100% of buyers enjoyed this product!
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  1. Carmella

    I’m so pleased with my photos and the details about my children to be, I’m so grateful my children look exactly like me I’m blown away by this I didn’t send a picture of myself and their little faces look so much like me and a little of my husband I can’t wait to meet my babies. Don’t hesitate to purchase this to see your future kids too

  2. Samantha

    This was one of the BEST readings I’ve ever had ! There was so much details he gave me for each child ! 💙💜 almost every reading I’ve had they have said my son would have dark blue eyes ! He said the same as well ! It brought so much warmth to my heart just hearing about my future children.. everything was spot on .. everything he said reminded me of myself as well as my Bf ! They look just like us ! The drawings itself is AMAZING! 😊

  3. ShaRon Simpson

    Delivery was same day, sooner than expected. The description of important planet in combination with the element was spot on in reference to when my child will be born (I didn’t tell him I am currently expecting and will most likely go into labor weeks before due date). He was correct about gender, which was confirmed by NIPS and ultrasound, which were done prior to purchase. The description was very detailed of personality as well as symptoms I am experiencing and my desires. THE PHOTO IS ABSOLUTELY ADORING AND AMAZING! The photo of my little one looks just like me! Mind you, there isn’t a photo of me on my profile! There was also a photo of a second child who looks like a combination of myself and my fiancé. He doesn’t have any social media accounts whatsoever. I highly recommend and will return!

  4. Amanda Brown

    I am pregnant! Just like He told me would happen! I am always hesitant when purchasing a reading because I have been disappointed before, yet this reading was truly like no other. It was so so incredibly detailed- started before birth and went through all grade school and adulthood and future grandchildren. He told me about all the children I would have- their personalities and their appearance, what their favorite things to do would be, how they would be in school and socially… it is just as if you get a long, deep look at your future and the feeling of peace it brings you knowing that everything will be ok- indescribable. He is also so talented at drawing- my pictures of my son and daughter actually remind us of ourselves! I feel as though a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I will never ever forget this!!

  5. Lisa

    I’m currently 8 months pregnant and I asked for a drawing of my baby boy. My reading was absolutely amazing and the drawing was so beautiful!! Totally exceeded my expectations and more!! It was very detailed, thoughtful and full of recommendations and guidance on how to best raise my baby boy!! This reader is highly gifted and special and it was definitely one of the best readings I’ve ever had in my life. I received my reading and drawing so quickly too and it was so worth it!! Highly recommend this reader to anyone!!

  6. Klaudia

    I actually felt sooo emotional when I saw them, my God, it resonates so much, again this shop is The BEST , the readings are extremely detailed, It was such a wonderful surprise! Long, and loaded with so much information! This psychic should be number 1, for real! Words can’t describe customer satisfaction after purchasing a reading and a drawing here !!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  7. Jennifer

    All I can say is wow! He really went into detail with my drawings I was not expecting two long paragraphs for both children . He drew a girl and a boy (I didn’t ask him to draw those specific genders btw which is even better) . Both drawings were so good he’s really talented he told me from pregnancy to adulthood what they’ll be like and what their interests will be . The girl doesn’t look like me or my side of the family but the boy looks like me when I was little ,just boy version and that freaked me out the most I can’t stop looking at the resemblances lol . I’m shocked and overall satisfied this was definitely worth the many

  8. Moldavite

    I don’t have any children yet but I thought I would try this out. I love the picture! I also love the description! A psychic once told me that my daughter was ready to come down and be with me when I was 18 and I’m 31 now so I figured I would get a drawing of her finally to connect with her more.

  9. Ccangel

    Highly recommended! This psychic artist is extremely gifted. I only gave them my name and date of birth, and they were able to produce 2 children that look just like me without a photo reference. I recommended this listing to my friends and family! Thank you!

  10. ETHAN C

    “My Wife Loved This!”
    We’re thinking about having a baby soon, so I bought this drawing to show my wife what our child might look like. She is now so excited!

  11. Lisa Susan

    This is my second reading and I highly recommend anyone to have a reading/sketch done. Not only is the turn around time fast the artwork and reading are amazing! Very thankful.

  12. charkaoui

    INCREDIBLE reading! Wow! Loved reading about my future children. My son looks just like my dad, and my daughter looks exactly like my boyfriend. Their personalities have some oddly specific similarities to my own when I was a child. Like crazy specific (being ambidextrous, scared of the dark (needing a nightlight), loving children’s books, and etc). This reading made me super excited about the future, and I hope that it will for you too!

  13. Taelon

    Omg I am still speechless and in shock I am in love with my reading and babies he brought tears to my eyes 👀 I loved every second of it he gave me every detail on my babies customer service was amazing he responded fast and very spot on thankyou so much 😁

  14. SARAH

    OMG! He looks EXACTLY like my husband ! I bought a drawing from Master Li as a bit of fun for my husband and I, but wow! We’re both shocked how much the boy in the drawing looks like my husband!

  15. Tina

    Decided to try this out early in my pregnancy and was shocked that it was a boy when I had a strong feeling it was a girl. Earlier this week, I just received my NIPT results that included the gender and it’s a BOY. The reading said it’ll be a boy. I provided my and my husband’s picture and the kid has strong resemblance to my dad. Can’t wait to see how the accurate this will be in the future 🙂 will hopefully update then.

  16. Hannah

    Wasn’t sure what to expect but when I got the images I was blown away. The boy looks like my Husband when he was younger and the girl looks more like me. It was so nice to get a description of their personalities and what their futures hold. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone thinking about doing this, you will be surprised.

  17. Bridgett Cannady

    My drawing was completed in just a few hours of purchase and he was very detailed in the description. Most definitely recommend and will be purchasing from him again in the future!

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