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Looking for a powerful same day Reiki session from a Reiki master? I’m happy to help! ❤️

✅ My Reiki healing session includes:
✔️ Removal of blockages
✔️ Chakra balancing, chakra clearing and chakra healing
✔️ Aura clearing
✔️ Healing with all 3 Reiki symbols for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing
✔️ Healing with 1 special Magic Reiki symbol, including a picture of the symbol so you can use it yourself (Christopher Penczak)
✔️ Same day Reiki healing (business days)

🧘‍♂️ This is me!
As an angel, medium & Reiki master it’s my mission to help! 🥰 I started learning about healing techniques after a rough childhood, losing my dad because of cancer, a depression, meeting my twin flame (including my dark night of the soul) ánd burning out from my corportate job. I needed to heal myself because I felt that regular healthcare wasn’t enough to ‘cure’ me. Now that I have all this knowledge and developed my (psychic) abilities, I wish I could have helped my dad with what I know now. Unfortunately I can’t help him anymore but I’m blessed I can still connect with him in spirit. Now it’s my mission to share my knowledge and psychic gifts with the world & to bring healing for those in need of it – just like me and my dad needed it. My gifts are clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance and besides that I also know a lot about Chinese Medicine and science of energy healing. The possibilities for healing are endless!

🧖 Painful or negative life events, trauma and repressed emotions cause blockages in your energtic system. Those blockages materialize into physical, emotional or mental ailments, sickness, pains and disease. A distance Reiki session heals the deepest cause of the discomfort by increasing the self healing ability of your body. When energy is flowing correctly – free from blockages – you’ll feel relieved, calm, serene and at peace.

💫 Benefits of a distant Reiki healing :

✅Decreases stress and anxiety
✅Pain relief
✅Freeing repressed emotions and traumas
✅Processing traumatic, painful and negative life events in a healthy way
✅Releasing hurt an painful feelings
✅Getting back to your natural state of being: happiness!
✅Improves a restful sleep
✅Improves mental clarity
✅Increases positive energy
✅Improves spiritual growth
✅Heals relationships
✅Helps with heartbreak
✅Energy cleanse and energy clearing
✅Chakra healing and chakra balancing
✅Aura cleansing/clearing
✅Heals pets/animals
✅Improved emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being
✅Helps with dependency issues and letting go of unhealthy attachment to people, things, relationships and jobs

During distant Reiki, YOU will feel the purest form of the Divine Light and Reiki energy flow through every inch and cell of your body. You will feel the energy running through your body bringing you harmony and peace while removing all your energy blockages, dust and debris accumulated over time.

I go above and beyond in removing your blockages while providing an effective session for you.

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7 reviews
100% of buyers enjoyed this product!
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  1. Alison

    I am a victim of domestic violence, and severe narcissistic abuse. After leaving him, I was incredibly trauma bonded to him, and I didn’t think I would make it through. I reached out to Shanu, and after A few intense healing sessions, my heart and soul were freed. They not only changed my life, they saved it!

  2. Bla Blubb

    WOW this is an UNMATCHED energy session – it truly IS POWERFUL – if you have issues within you, that are stubborn, stuck, pain, that you just can’t LET GO of no matter how much energy healing you may do on yourself (or have done on!) – I love how DETAILED the report is (one excerpt “You were absorbing the energy of another female, causing your energy to become…” WOW so true!) – so yes absolutely wonderful if you need to FLUSH OUT things that you’re bottling inside you!

  3. Alielen

    You are absolutely amazing, Shanu 🌻! Saying thank you is not enough, words don’t do justice! I am grateful beyond, many many thanks for your kind he

  4. Corey Adkins

    I’m a long time client. They’re the only spiritual advisor and healer I trust on here. Authentic work filled with love.

  5. Byatt

    fantastic as always and always seem to know when the the healing has taken place as i always feel calm . Thank you Shanu you realy are a blessing 🙌 🙏

  6. kayla

    Felt great the morning of this treatment 🙂 will be back! I appreciate you very much. Thank you 🙏 blessings to you and your family

  7. Lunakitty

    felt some clearing within my body. I really love the detailed report. I would recommend and thank you so much!

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