LOVE ONLY ME! Love Spells,Super Powerful Spell.

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Unhappy love was present, probably, in the life of every person … Someone meekly took it for granted and silently endured it, while someone fought for their happiness and resorted to different methods. And often, such a way out and resolution of the issue was to turn to the Dark Forces for help…

My name is Sonya, and I have ancient occult knowledge that has been passed down in our family for many centuries. Trust an old and experienced witch, and I will solve your problems.

This Spell has an incredible powerful effect that is aimed exactly at the Target. And so this Spell is intended for those who want to take possession of the heart, thoughts and become the main person for Him. With this Spell, even a stubborn target will be in your hands.
Love Only Me; these are not just words, This is what will be in His / Her soul forever.


And so if your loved one does:

✅not pay attention to you and you are just friends

✅If your loved one left you

✅If your loved one stops loving you- This spell is great for such situations.

Warning: Magic is not a joke; think if you really need this person, I do not play games.

If you are still ready for this: You are required in the Personalization section to indicate your name and date of birth.

For my part, I will perform the ritual and cast an ancient spell within 48 hours from the date of purchase. After your Spell is cast, this person will be obsessed with love for you because love is a great feeling that cannot be resisted.
You and only you will be in his / her mind and heart 24/7.

Important: Dear Customer, thank you for your trust. The ritual and the imposition of a special spell are performed within 48 hours from the date of purchase. After completing the work, I will write to you and send you a photo of my work.

I will send you a photo of my work and a message via your e-mail explaining what I did and what your spell will be for you

This ritual is 100% safe for you!
I assure you that with every reading or ritual performed, you will receive my complete confidentiality!

My dear friends, be happy on this path of life, and I will remain your secret assistant❤️

Love & Light

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37 reviews
89.2% of buyers enjoyed this product!
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  1. Athelonia Alonso

    I have been so depressed for so long and Sonya has helped me. I hope this will turn for the better. I will update soon. Thank you so much Sonya. You are so kind and amazing

  2. Shiny Lunchbox

    He is calling and reaching out to me more often. Update 11-5 he kept calling and I wouldn’t answer because I was still mad finally answered and we are back together and working on things but he hasn’t said the L word yet. Waiting on that word for confirmation but I’m looking for actions most of all. Update 11-11- He said that he loves me and he seems to be trying.

  3. Julie

    My love has already started acting excited to talk to me. He texted me to make plans to spend time together. I will definitely follow all of Sonya’s recommendation. I’m so happy as the spell has already started to manifest.

  4. Nancy Munk

    Sonya is such a nice girl and after she did my spell I felt very relieved. She explained everything to me and I’d definitely buy from her again. 💜 Thank you so much 💓

  5. Kayla

    It’s only been the first week, so I’m not jinxing anything, but I think it worked! We were having issues, not sleeping together, not talking really etc. etc., and today not ONLY did we have sex, he told me loved me for the first time in months! I will keep watching to see how things go, but thank you so much! She’s the real deal.

  6. Amanda

    Fast responses and comes with a pic. Thank you so much! xoxo

  7. Steph D

    I wasn’t expecting it to work so fast. It’s still a work in progress but he reached out later that night the day it was cast!

  8. Holycouture

    As far as I can see it’s working~ I did have someone else to cast a spell as well to intensify the affects but he is definitely coming around~

  9. Tyya

    This lady is the truth. I couldn’t get anything to happen. Things started moving instantly after she cast. I am dealing with a stubborn target

  10. Emily Trosclair

    Wow ! Wow! Wow! Amazing is all I can say! She truly is gifted and has a deep connection to the spirit world! The work she sent me was beyond beautiful! She was very thorough and reading it I could actually feel it already working! I’m seeing major affects and it’s only been a day 🖤🖤🖤highly recommend

  11. Aitiana Sulton

    Patiently waiting for my true love to love me for me. Will definitely update 11/24 Update: I am seeing changes already. This is no joke Guys. If you are serious about doing this for your true love, please make sure that is someone you truly desire to be with. I am not a bot or paid review. I am a human with a real experience. My target is coming around 360 in a small span of time. Sonya, you truly are gifted. Thank you. Love wins! 💜

  12. april taylor

    Haven’t seen the complete results yet but she works fast. Gives good feedback and sent pictures. I felt the energy and power. I have seen him become more like he used to be toward me.

  13. D.S

    A little backstory, me and my guy were on a break. I was heartbroken and just really wanted him to come back to me. I purchased this spell from Sonya and let me tell you, today me and him have gotten back together! In just a little over a week I couldn’t believe how quick he was to say how much he loved me and how much he wanted to be with me again. I ordered this and within two days Sonya cast the spell and sent pictures for proof. She also gave me advice on what to do. Like let things take their time and don’t initiate rushing anything. I’m so glad I chose Sonya. If I ever need anything in the future will definitely be working with her again. Thanks!

  14. Gay Zilla

    She’s the real deal. Very mindful and intentional about her craft. Communicated everything perfectly and sent pictures! I already feel like everything will fall into place.

  15. Kayla Jenkins

    I will update you guys 😘 November 24,2021/ he texted me Which was really Surprising because to be honest I didn’t think it would work. But you also have to manifest on your own and you have to be patient and you can’t constantly think about it you have to live your normal life. Which was really hard for me. But it work within a month and a half

  16. Bethany

    She was detailed in her message after casting the spell. She showed me the picture of her work as well. I’m very hopeful for the future. I’m hopeful that this will help build more desire and love from my partner. Thank you ❤️

  17. Her Love

    She is the best ☺️✨💕this worked it hasn’t even been 3 days since the spell was done and he’s already back communicating with me

  18. Farah

    Within 24 hours he messaged me

  19. Angela

    I’m so excited to see the outcome! I know it will work. Everything was explained perfectly and my questions were answered quick. I was even sent photos of the workings I feel deep down inside that this will work

  20. T K

    ❤️ I am so happy this is my second purchase Sonya is always on time, she sent me a photo of my spell it brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy I am excited, I will remain patient and think positive while trusting the process. You will not be disappointed she will deliver your desires. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 💍 Update 11/6/2021 We were texting back and forth after not hearing from him in over a week and he asked me to marry him. It was via text but still he said it! “Marry Me”

  21. Petra Šerá

    Communication and explanation was very professional (additional photos of proof) and nice! The spell was cast today, so I will update the review as soon as i see results to share my experience.

  22. Juliet (verified owner)

    The spell was cast within a few days of purchase. Sonya is really prompt and gives you lots of encouragement and provides detail about the effect of the spell. I will definitely update if the spell seems to have worked!

  23. Kelly (verified owner)

    He loves me and only me. Thank you so much. You are true to your word.

  24. Becky

    I just received the reading of cast and will patiently wait to manifest ❤️
    Will update once seeing the result

  25. Denise (verified owner)

    After 3 months he has pulled away from me and communication came to a stop, I contacted Sonya on 12/31/21 and yesterday afternoon 1/2/22 at 4:40pm I received a text from him saying he hoped I had a great day! And then this morning 1/3/22 he sent me another text saying good morning and had been texting me throughout the day! 😊 Its a start! I am so very thankful for Sonya n her work! Looking forward to giving another update on the progress of this! Sonya is amazing an does amazing work! I will definitely use her services again!! Highly recommend

  26. Crystal (verified owner)

    She is very good at what she does just be patient and things happen as she says.

  27. Robin (verified owner)

    I purchased the spell over 3 weeks ago. I am still waiting for it to take effect. I guess it is the fact that the target is head strong and has a difficult time expressing feelings and emotions. Although Sonya states that stubborn targets are not a problem. I am going to give this review a 5 star rating as Sonja delivers her work within 48 hours as promised. I will update again. I was given a week to 5 months. Remaining patient.

  28. Eve (verified owner)

    Our communication was completely stopped. I felt so deeply hurt. December 6, 2021 when I decided to purchase the spell. As Sonya mentioned to be patient. Last Jan 12, 2022 he started a conversation with me. We’ve been both busy I understand his nature of work. February 2, 2022 he texted again and asked how am I doing hoped everything’s okay. I knew him from the day we met, that’s how our connection started. Once he started a conversation I know this is the beginning of an amazing relationship. I will update again. Thank you Sonya for being prompt with your work as you promised.

  29. Becky

    Has been 3 months but still nothing to update

  30. V.T (verified owner)

    I purchase this spell two times , first time it was working and Sonja done great job , she sent me photo of her work it was our photos in burning flame , after that he call and than after second spell Sonja sent me photo of her work but it was different , there is no photo of me and my ex and just some candles around some stone . And I dont see any inprvement .. I know I neec to be patient but just wandering how two different way spell working , seem like that because I didnt saw photos in burning flame last time .. I will update in few months again

  31. Shretha (verified owner)

    Just bought spell and cant wait to see the result.

  32. S.W

    I ordered this spell 4 weeks ago. The guy I was seeing had asked for a break but I truly felt it was the end. Since the spell was cast, I tried contacting him via texts several times and he continued to ignore me. I noticed he was going offline on social media every time I went on. Expecting the worse, I went to his house unannounced to collect my belongings. Well…much to my shock, as soon as he opened the door and saw me, he said he wanted to continue seeing me! He showed me his phone as proof that he isn’t on any dating apps because he only wants me! He said he had pulled away because he felt things were getting serious between us. He said he has a pattern of doing this in relationships. He said he needs a few more weeks to get his head straight and then he wants us to start seeing each other again. I’m shocked! I honestly thought things were over. Thank you Sonya! I truly believe this spell played a role!! My only question is how do I take the next step from being “seeing each other” to a committed long-term relationship?

  33. Crystal (verified owner)

    Please don’t order from this website cause u want get the spell u thought you was paying for that’s what happen with me and I emailed her and they don’t know how to answer u back so they want be getting anymore of my service and I will let others know about it.

  34. M.M (verified owner)

    I purchased yesterday today I received an email that the ritual has been performed with the pictures of my target and I. Am hopeful that he will come back to me and only love me,he is the only man that I have truly love.i will keep on updating you.

  35. Kelly (verified owner)

    He hates me now

  36. Robin (verified owner)

    Well, it has been 5 months and no word from the targeted individual. I guess the spell didn’t work. She doesn’t offer a money back guarantee. I won’t expect anything. Thank you for trying. Although, you should change your wording as nothing is guaranteed. Or offer money back if the spell does not work.

  37. Becky

    5 months passed and still not a word I am receiving
    This spell isn’t work

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