Natal Birth Chart Reading : In-Depth Analysis

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A birth chart is a map of where all the planets were located at the exact moment you were born.
A look into this chart can provide a deep insight into your personality, motivations, desires, your potential problem areas and how this information can be applied to enrich your life. It is highly individualistic and can provide positive affirmation.
A forecast is looking ahead at the positioning of the planets and how they relate to your individual chart. They can provide an overview/preview of the major influences that have the potential to impact you over the course of the following twelve months. General trends, love, family, changes in finance and career and the relevant areas of expansion and exploration are included in this report.
For this price, you will receive both a highly detailed birth chart & analysis.

🌙This is a digital product and service :
You’ll receive your reading & forecast via your e-mail in 24 hours or less!)

Your Natal Chart Reveals Intimate Wisdom About Your True Origins

What is a natal chart?
A natal chart is a uniquely personalized birth chart based on the principles of astrology.

Derived from your date, time, and place of birth, your natal chart serves as your cosmic roadmap, giving you precious insights of everything that lays ahead of you – kind of like a navigation system telling you where to turn and when to turn to reach your ultimate destiny – unscathed, and filled with abundance.

🌙 This reading & forecast will go deep into who you are in all facets of your life and what to expect and watch out for in your future. Be prepared for some scary accurate information, as it was written in the stars!

🌙 What’s included?

The reading includes the following celestial objects in your birth chart: Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Moon’s North Node.

The reading also includes:
The qualities and elements of your natal chart (cardinal, fixed, mutable + fire, earth, air, water)
Zodiac signs on the house cusps
House rulers in houses

The 24-month forecast is based on your birth chart & includes transits, progressions, as well as directions that can range from macro trends that span over 2 years to micro periods lasting only a few days. This is an incredibly detailed and in-depth, yet accessible forecast that exceeds 200 pages in length!

Both the birth chart reading and 24-month forecast are incredibly easy to read and digest, perfect for both those with no astrological knowledge, and advanced students.

🌙 How to Order

It’s simple! Before submitting your order please list in the “Personalization” box:

– Name
– Birth date
Example: Christina, September 9, 1998,

🌙 After you place your order, 🌙You’ll receive your reading & forecast via your e-mail in 24 hours or less!

🌙 Feel free to message me any questions!

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15 reviews
100% of buyers enjoyed this product!
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  1. Jessica Hughes

    This report is so awesome and detailed and she got it to me so so quickly. Definitely worth investing in and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn more about themselves.

  2. khirman

    I received my report within 24 hours with incredible detail. The forecast report was 240 pages long. The natal chart report shed light on some things I was grappling with too. Overall, highly recommend❤️

  3. Sherri Poling

    A lot of information that resonates with me for sure!! A little hard to understand but I’m working on that!!

  4. Jenny Berger

    I haven’t had my birth chart done in years so thought I would get one done for myself & daughter. Very well done, detailed & informative. Daughter & I will be referring to it often. Really appreciated the super-quick turnaround on both. Thank you!!!!

  5. Sky Polisar

    I definitely recommend purchasing from this store. My birth chart reading was super thorough & informative!! Gave some great insights and I received it really fast as well. Would buy again 🙂

  6. Lisa McClain

    Amazingly accurate

  7. Zeynep Saka

    Chart was sent to me pretty fast and it covered so much especially considering how fast it was delivered to me. Loved reading it and loved that every detail was explained so elobaretly that even someone with no knowledge of a how a natal chart “works” (me) can understand it completely and enjoy it. Would recommend it definetly.

  8. Valeria

    I wasn’t expecting the reading to be so detailed so I really appreciated that! I’m just getting into understanding birth charts so she made this very easy to understand 🙂

  9. Lillian

    Delivery was so quick! It arrived the same day I ordered it. Very detailed report and helped me understood the aspects in my chart.

  10. Ashley Williams

    Wow! Exceeded my expectations. The only one I’ve found that was easy to follow and fun to read! I received it within 12 hours of purchase. Highly recommend!

  11. Sage Wall

    Absolutely eye opening report. It truly is making me look within a little deeper and helping me to understand my own self. Thank you for the added bonus, and the timely fashion in which you operate. This is all very much appreciated.

  12. Monica

    First chart I’ve ever done and it was so detailed! So interesting and I learned so much too! Thank you so much for this in depth reading of my birth chart!

  13. Danielle

    Really enjoyed the full breakdown of every aspect of my chart. Well done!! Very informative and cool. Thank you

  14. Morgan Wingo

    i loved my natal chart reading i thought it was very insightful 🙂 i talked about it so much that i even got two of my friends to have theirs done and they loved it

  15. leighanners

    Turnaround time was super fast! I was so excited to order this and it did not disappoint. There is SO much information in this reading – so glad I purchased from this store.

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