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Wouldn’t you love to connect with your child before they set foot in this world? Whether you are trying to conceive or currently pregnant, my psychic readings will provide you with insight of your child to come. From the month and gender, to their personality traits and anything else your Spirit Guides wants to share with you!

This journey in our lives can be stressful. Wondering how long it’s going to take, will it be a girl or a boy etc. I want to bring back your excitement and share with you what’s in store for you and your child.

This option will give you an in-depth prediction of a child you’re currently trying to conceive or currently pregnant with. Includes conception or birth, gender, looks, personality…etc. I will need to know if this is a trying to conceive prediction or a pregnancy one and what pregnancy number you’re working on. Please include any losses you might have experienced. A picture of yourself would be beneficial to your reading.

The reading will not be sugarcoated which means if you are meant to have a child then I will tell you the time of conception/baby gender and everything else what you need to do to conceive the precious child and this will be strong advice to you:

What you will receive with this reading-

✅when will you conceive?-the gender of your child.
✅what to do in order to conceive?
✅if this will be your successful conception.
✅if the pregnancy will go full term.
✅if the child and pregnancy will be healthy.
✅natural conception or assisted pregnancy?
✅what Universe wants you to learn from this situation?
However, IF no conception will be shown then I will tell what to do in order to have the child, however it will be the options given to you but it will be absolutely your free choice to take that advice or leave it. This MAY or MAY NOT answer conception timing or/and gender questions as its all depends on situation as every person is different.

When you will purchase from this shop, not only you are getting a powerful psychic service, but you will gain a true friend who will always be happy to answer your questions and guide you along in your spiritual journey!

Each of my readings are interpreted through Spirit and with tarot cards. I take each client seriously, with no judgment, and with an open mind. I always promise to deliver a thorough and accurate reading. But what is most important to me is that each reading is thoughtful and honest.

Life is a journey, and it is precious. With that being said, I have never taken a reading lightly. If a message comes through from Spirit that must be said, then I will pass on this message. Whether it be wanted or not.

It is my honor to serve you and Spirit.

Love & Light

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54 reviews
90.7% of buyers enjoyed this product!
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  1. Tywanda Coston

    I was told I would be conceiving this year or giving birth early next year and today I am ovulating for the very first time ever ! Thank you

  2. Dajah Bowers

    UPDATE !!! I’m PREGNANT! She predicted season fall September-October and I tested today September 4th and got a positive 💕 although I did not see eagles as my sign I’m still glad she was right I have PCOS and have been trying since November 2020 😭💜

  3. Maria Novratidou

    UPDATE: SHE WAS RIGHT. she told me June, found out today on 13th of June I’m pregnant ❤🙏 I’ll update once I’ll get pregnant 😊 she was nice.

  4. Elizabeth Valdovinos

    Giving this a 4 start only because her prediction has not come true yet. Fingers crossed it is still coming. She was very friendly and very descriptive in her reading.

  5. Destiny Madrigal

    Her predictions were unbelievable! I couldn’t believe how accurate they are. I kept seeing the signs she told me I would see and guess what? I’m pregnant! And my due date is the exact month she said it would be, I am beyond happy with this reading.

  6. Tatiana McNEAL

    She was so amazing and sweet gave me so much clarity on not only my journey to motherhood but in all other areas of my life. I was a little skeptical at first lol. Especially when she said I feel you are connected to your partner deeply. I was like what partner I am single. Then she brought up twin flames and I was like oh I get it now. I am on a twin flame journey and I am in the separation stage of it and had lost hope. As she was explaining how I would feel about my pregnancy and how my partner would feel. I was shocked about how me and my partner would respond to the pregnancy because I had dreams about that and it was exactly how she described it. I am just floored by my reading thank you so much not just for the clarity but for the guidance as to what I should be working on now to prepare ❤️.

  7. Amanda Hall

    I sometimes tend to go overboard lol we started trying in July & since then I’ve had about EIGHT readings done, which all pretty much give the same dates September- October with little girl energy, this reading wasn’t any different as far as gender and dates but there was just something about her energy I INSTANTLY clicked with. From the beginning I had a good feeling about her reading and she didn’t fail to disappoint. Her dates weren’t any different but I just left the reading feeling like I’d personally connected with her and definitely felt a sense of fulfillment. If you’re looking for a sign to book this is it, the dates aren’t even here yet and she’s all 5’s in my book. 💕 UPDATE- GOT my BFP today as she predicted! If you’re waiting for a sign please book with her.

  8. Francesca Wallace

    So wonderful! Thank you so much Sofia 💛 Her prediction was spot on, she predicted August to September and I got my bfp on the 11th of August. I am now 5 weeks along 🥰 Thank you Sofia!

  9. ashley huse

    Reading was spot on! Their was a little delay but I could tell because she was getting a lot of requests. Reading was pretty accurate! I had a chemical pregnancy in August the month she said I would be pregnant. She did I would see rainbows 🌈 around conception I definitely seen a lot of different forms of 🌈

  10. Jacqueline Burford

    She is amazing!!! Highly recommend! I just got my positive on a digital! My significant numbers 4, 10, 9 and 21. I am sure May 4th and found out August 21st! She also said my first symptoms would be dehydration and headaches! This was absolutely correct! Such a thoughtful reading and you can tell she really does put her time and energy into her readings! Worth every penny.

  11. Debbie

    I really enjoyed my reading from Sonya! She was really kind. I can’t say for sure if everything is true as the time frame she gave me is still quite a ways away, so I will update about that in the future. However, she did confirm some things I had been thinking myself, so I’m hopeful! Really recommend her service ❤️

  12. Ciara

    I. AM. SPEECHLESS!!! I was given June/July & told to watch for lions & sunflowers. since before i even got my period i was seeing sunflowers & lions everywhere! started my period July 26. when i was about 7dpo i thought i had implantation cramping, on 8dpo i consulted my tarot deck & asked for guidance on if i was pregnant & i pulled QUEEN OF WANDS (she is surrounded by lions and sunflowers). at 9dpo i tested & it was a BFN but i had a feeling so i tested again at 10dpo & IM PREGNANT!!! i am seriously shocked as this was my first cycle ttc our second baby!

  13. Angel Emmiee

    She was AMAZING. Such a special person and really intuitive. Genuinely sweet and caring, such a phenomenal reading. Can’t recommend her enough!!!!

  14. Samantha Rodriguez

    Great reading! l love how straightforward and honest she is about everything, and will be back for another reading very soon. Thank you!!!

  15. Stephanie

    10000% Recommend!!!! After suffering a miscarriage in July I contacted Sonya to see when I would fall pregnant again.. she told me I would conceive Between August-October and I conceived in AUGUST!!! She also said around the time of conception I would see suitcases everywhere and suitcases did I see indeed it’s the main reason I took the test!!! I would definitely go to Sonya for another reading!

  16. Kasey Stiglitz

    Sofia is literally the sweetest , the pregnancy reading was absolutely on point ! She predicted my correct due date and she knew the gender correctly … I recommend Sofia she was spot on about everything . I’ll most definitely be back ❤️❤️

  17. Stefanie

    This lady is incredible and the sweetest person on this app. She scared me at how accurate she was and honestly hands down the best I’ve came across. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Sophie

    My only reason for four stars is that I can’t wait to see if what was predicted comes true! I’m excited for what the future holds. My reading came through pretty quick and was very detailed and informative, would definitely buy again 🙂

  19. Destiny Jenkins

    So, you said my sign around my positive would be roses. I didn’t think I was, but the day I tested, every one of my patients had roses at their bedside. I’M PREGNANT!

  20. Emily Hendricks

    So far she’s been correct! She predicted April/May. I am due May! She also got the signs right. I saw them a month ago and I knew I was on the right path. The only thing I’m waiting on is to hear if she got the gender right!! She predicted girl so I’ll come back then!

  21. Erin DePaulo

    She was right on!! She told me I was going to see Bats around my BFP and I thought it was a little weird because I live in Canadian prairies and never see Bats! But I saw them on TV and shopping and I went to the zoo and here were bats!! A few days later I got my BFP!! Thanks so much ❤️❤️ BEST READING EVER

  22. Aj Pillay

    I am giving 5 stars for her detailed report and warm communication via it. Although my pregnancy prediction is still to come, but she was100% correct on my current illnesses that im battling, so really looking forward to seeing the other predictions coming true! Super excited for what the future holds & will definitely highly recommand her to my circles of family & friends 🙂


    I love this readin thanks very much

  24. Tay (verified owner)

    Omg!!! I think this was the best reading yet.. All tho it seems as if I have to be patient. I’m very pleased with my reading I hope my read come true because it’s everything I’ve been waiting for & more. 💙💙👶🏼👶🏼 Thank you so much

  25. Jaquelyn (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this reading it really resonated with me. Everything she said was very accurate. I would definitely recommend her.

  26. Brenda (verified owner)

    I just received my reading today so I don’t actually have a review. I’m excited for the future. I hope and pray that it all comes true the way that she sees it. I will come back and write a review once things do happen. Thank you so much 😘😘

  27. Regina smith (verified owner)

    Omg!! So I got this reading and the very next morning my pregnancy test was POSITIVE!!! I’m so happy!! She was soooo right. I keep taking test just to make complete sure lol

  28. Maria (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with the reading that I received today!!
    I’m very excited!
    Now I need to be patient and waiting. Hope everything she said to be true!!
    Thank you so much you make me feel very happy 😍😍

  29. Ashleigh Webb (verified owner)

    Sonya gave me my reading- I’m noticing my sign everywhere, and she has given me some time-frames, I’m positive about what the future holds, will definitely come back to let you know giw it goes!

  30. Emma (verified owner)

    This exceeded my expectations! She delivered before 24 hours and the reading was beautiful. I received more information about the pregnancy than I expected. Honestly, the dates seem to line up with what I had in mind. Now I just can’t wait to welcome my baby.

  31. Te Aho Durie (verified owner)

    Thank you Sonya for my reading. It gives me relief to have an idea on what is expected on my path to motherhood. I will keep in touch and let you know. Love and white light to you all xx

  32. Mosadi

    Thank you Sonya for my reading. I was looking for concrete dates and was happy that she provided timeframes. I’m excited for what’s to come. I will update this review on how things unfold when the time comes.

  33. Ashleigh Webb (verified owner)

    I’m Baaack! I am honestly in shock that I’m pregnant!! Sonya is incredible with her predictions, this was 10000% worth it, beyond happy!

  34. LaNesha (verified owner)

    I am completely overwhelmed & ecstatic by the reading Sonya gave! Not only were they aligned with me but the Lord as well. It was like she was touching my soul. I felt EVERYTHING she said. She spoke so deeply to the point where I honestly understand why I went through all of my trials & tribulations with my prior miscarriages. The Lord wanted me to truly know & feel that it was all for a reason. All to bring me to the moment of clarity & complete understanding in “trusting the process.” “It will all be worth it in the end” he said! & I honestly believe it so much to the point where I am no longer scared to try again for a successful pregnancy. I know that he is with me throughout every step of my journey in motherhood. He has been there all along, it just felt as though he wasn’t with all the pain. So Sonya, I want to honestly thank you from the bottom of heart for this very reading that you have given me. That was every bit of hope that I was hanging onto.

    So for anyone who is in serious doubt about receiving a reading… I’m here to tell you that I was in your shoes just last night. Just take a leap of faith & I promise you feel different afterwards. This is your sign, just do it!

  35. Jada Stanton

    Omg I am reading these reviews and how good they are omg I am definitely going to take her advice and pray and thank positive because this lady seems like the real deal it makes me feel so much better

  36. Mag (verified owner)

    Thank you Sonya for your reading, that was quick, same night you, I look forward for my testimonial

  37. Jaquelyn (verified owner)

    Thank you very much Sonya for your very sweet and detailed reading. I thourghly enjoyed my reading and I feel in my heart it really resonated with me.

  38. Deziree (verified owner)

    I haven’t gotten to my predicted months yet.. but she gave me the best hope in the world. I really want a child. She gave me how my trimesters would go and the gender, also the signs. I loved her reading. Would definitely buy again.

  39. Sarah (verified owner)

    Omg I’m shocked I don’t have any review yet
    The reading was beautiful and I can’t wait for the future.. When it finally does happen I will definitely Share 😁xx

  40. Trish (verified owner)

    Sonya is absolutely polite, kind and amazing – she gives you very detailed feedback and provides comfort all the way! I will update in a few months on the feedback she has given to me 🙂

  41. Nay

    She said I would see scales , I’ve seen scales it’s crazy but I haven’t found out if I’m pregnant or not yet . Menstrual due In two days 🥰😍 hopes this makes me out of a believer .

  42. Michelle

    I got a prediction a few weeks ago. Still waiting for the predicted dates to come and fingers crossed they come true. Sonya was very detailed in what was said and I couldn’t stop smiling when I read it. Thank you for being so kind

  43. Brianna (verified owner)

    I’ve seen my first sign!

    In the reading it was mentioned to look out for kangaroos and the same day my niece was singing a song called pop see koo made by a children’s band called kangaroo. She has never sang that in front of me before and I had no idea about this song or band till now.

    Sonya was absolutely amazing and very caring, the message was very detailed and I’m excited to see more of the predictions in the future. I’ll definitely be reaching out again, thank you so much 💜

  44. Sydney (verified owner)

    I AM PREGNANT!!!! Sonya gave me so much relief and piece-of-mind as I had been trying for months to get pregnant. But her prediction so far has been spot on and I couldn’t be more excited! I highly recommend getting this reading done!

  45. Martie (verified owner)

    I received my reading this morning, I felt at peace and in very good spirit, my reading came in time I did wait long.
    I will come back and give feedback as soon as my prediction happens. For now I feel extremely positive.

  46. Jemma (verified owner)

    I had my reading from Sonya in February. I waited just a little big longer than the time stated for my reading. The reading I recieved was very detailed and put my mind at ease. I am currently entering the time zone predicted for me and I will update my review accordingly 🤞I have had 3 fertility readings from 3 different people who have each predicted different timescales so I am a little sceptical .

  47. Fatima

    I got my reading yesterday,I felt soo positive I cudnt believe myself.she predicted May 16th -June 30th or February soooo I’ll will be keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!
    Will update soon.

  48. Ana (verified owner)

    She made a great prediction for me, very accurate and she described also how my pregnancy will go through the diferent trimestres. I have been trying to conceive for 2 and half hears now and she has given me hope that it will happen soon. I will write here again once her prediction comes true. Thank you for all your kindness!

  49. Summer (verified owner)

    Pretty spot on!! Sonya was awesome & super sweet. She gave me a window between September 16-October 30 which is my babies due date window & then she said February which was my BFP. She said it would be a girl & it is!! :))) I’m just now in my second trimester but her first trimester predictions were correct. Highly recommend!! Thank you Sonya.

  50. Radha

    She is so prompt in her it before 24 hours.. feeling confident and really hoping that it would become true..will update soon after my conception.

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