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Welcome to your 3-card tarot reading! PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE

What is Master Li Tarot card reading?

The Master Li Tarot card Is a new personalized card reading service. It works by using some technique in cartomancy, where people use cards to predict the events in person’s life whether it is his/ her present, past or future. It is created in a way that it has a high efficiency in predicting your nearest future, (review from users). Sometimes we may not understand what is happening in our present until we full understand our past. So, one wise step is knowing where the road block is an working on it. With that Master Li Tarot card, you could read what is wrong and how you can change for the better. I would love you to take action, because who knows it me reveal to you all the answers you have been searching for.

✅This linear tarot reading will answer some of your most burning questions related to your immediate future.

✅This unique spread will reveal your deepest struggles, and how to resolve them…

✅You’ll gain a profound understanding of your current circumstances. But more importantly, what you can do to move on from previous hindrances.

🔘I will send a PDF file to your email within 12 hours The file will include a picture of the cards I pulled along with the reading. I provide approximately two paragraphs of information per card.

When you will purchase from this shop, not only you are getting a powerful psychic service, but you will gain a true friend who will always be happy to answer your questions and guide you along in your spiritual journey!

Each of my readings are interpreted through Spirit and with tarot cards. I take each client seriously, with no judgement, and with an open mind. I always promise to deliver a thorough and accurate reading. But what is most important to me is that each reading is thoughtful and honest.

Life is a journey, and it is precious. With that being said, I have never taken a reading lightly. If a message comes through from Spirit that must be said, then I will pass on this message. Whether it be wanted or not.

I look forward to delivering your tarot reading.

It is my honor to serve you and Spirit.

Love & Light

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16 reviews
100% of buyers enjoyed this product!
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  1. Samantha

    I felt like I was stuck going around in circles, and I’d been struggling to move forward with my life for years. A wise friend of mine introduced me to Master Li, and ever since that first fateful reading, I have managed to achieve true abundance in my life.

  2. Mark

    I’ve used dozens of online services for Tarot Card readings and even visited 5 or 6 famous experts here in NYC. I can therefore honestly say that Master Li is the best that there is. I come back to him at least once per month for the much needed guidance that my Soul Path needs!

  3. Kathleen Derona

    First time ever getting a palm reading and I am beyond stoked on the result. Everything Master Li said resonated! I am very happy and satisfied with the reading ✨✨✨✨

  4. Sprout Uproot

    Extremely insightful and I am very excited to meet my future honey! Very thorough and was quite detailed! I have my eyes peeled! 🙌✨ Highly recommended!

  5. Zihu

    absolutely loved his reading, what he had told me actually resonated with what I do now and wish to do more in the future. ❤️

  6. Star Gazer

    Really loved and enjoyed my reading and it was detailed. Thank you 😊

  7. Jenny

    It really hard to put into words just how significant my reading was. I had been crushed by the weight of depression for years, and I never knew the real cause. After just one reading from Master Li, I suddenly found myself with closure, finally able to move on with my life for the better!

  8. Kerra

    Thank you so much for my reading! I enjoyed it so much and I appreciate you helping me understand what spirit was saying! 100% I would buy another reading! Very accurate! Thanks again!

  9. Caledonia Hanson

    I always knew I had past lives, but never really explored what they could’ve been until now. I got this not expecting too much, but I was shocked that the person he described in my past life is exactly who I am today. I had gone to Ireland back in 2015 and my mom has a distinct memory of me saying that everything felt familiar. So when Master Li described me as a healing woman in 1800s Ireland with two daughters, I was shocked but it made sense. I have a deep love for the Gaelic language, sea shanties, and Irish folk music. I was obsessed with the names Molly and Alyce as a little girl despite never knowing anyone with those names. And it brings me comfort knowing that my spirit remains the same, no matter where in time I find myself in. Master Li is brilliant and I’d get a reading from her again.

  10. Kimberly M

    Thank you so much for my reading! I really appreciated this reading and much of what Master Li said resonated with me. It truly was very thorough and in-depth and made me feel confident about the future!

  11. Cierra

    The reading brought me clarity on aspects I questioned myself on, like specific career options. I felt reassured and hopeful after receiving my reading.

  12. Aubrie Hammonds

    Definitely worth the price! The information you get is equal to the amount you pay, which is nice. Accurate reading; you can tell Master Li really cared about each reading!

  13. Leanne

    Absolutely speechless….. soooo accurate. This is my third reading from Master Li and I can not give enough credit, soooo gifted and no question to big nor small is always answered fully and with such detail – that the understanding is achieved. I feel completely confident and assured with the past the present whilst being fully excited by what my future has in store. No thank you is big enough. I will continue to come to Master Li for wisdom guidance and straight answers. Love, smiles and entirely gratitude Leanne X

  14. Veronika Neradová

    There was so much information I didn’t even expected to get. And so many lifetimes I got to spend with my person I asked about. I love the information I got and was super satisfied!

  15. Lam Tran

    The report very detail. More than I expect. I am still checking in the future but the past few day was true. Still one of my favorite reader at the moment. Recommend.

  16. Mark

    It’s true what they say abotu Master Li and his temple. They are bringing back the TRUE power of Tarot. I’ve visited dozens of tarot card readers in my life, but they all give the same watered down readings. Master Li’s readings give me truly powerful results, each and every time I seek him out!

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