How To Practice and Develop Your Telepathic Abilities

If you want to develop your telepathic abilities, it would require consistent practice and the following steps:

1. Believe in Yourself and Believe in Telepathy The first thing you need to do before being able to communicate telepathically is to believe in yourself that you can do it and to believe that telepathy exists. Remove all the doubts in your heart and mind and surrender yourself to the powers of your third eye.

2. Find A Willing Partner That You Have Strong Bonds With Find someone that you have strong bonds with and have an open mind who also believes in telepathy. If one of you has doubts, you may have a hard time achieving mental communication. Your partner can be a close friend, your spouse, or one of your family members.

3. Focus Your Thoughts The first step to take is to calm your body and mind then focus your thoughts. Find a comfortable position and start to meditate. Tell your partner to also do the same to receive your telepathic transmission.

4. Imagine The Person You Are Communicating With The next thing to do while you are focused is to imagine the person you are trying to communicate with telepathically. Close your eyes and try to picture your partner and every detail about him as close as you possibly can like the way he looks, how tall he is, and every specific detail that you can visualize.

5. Visualize The Message You Are Trying To Send After Imagining that the person you are trying to communicate telepathically with is in front of you, you should visualize the message you are trying to send. You can start with a simple object like a pen, try to visualize it as detailed as possible and focus your mind only on it. Imagine the object’s shape, its size, its color, its weight, its length, and all the other characteristics that you can imagine and transmit that mental image to your telepathic partner.

6. Tell The Receiver To Write Down What Came To Their Mind After you have sent the telepathic message you are trying to send, your partner should remain calm and focused until they feel that the thought has entered their mind. Then you should ask them to write down what is the thought that came to their mind in complete detail. You should also write the message you are trying to send your partner.

7. Compare The Results After you both write the thought, try to compare your results and see if you both have the same things you have written down. At first, you may not be successful but do not get discouraged because with practice you will soon be able to communicate telepathically. Just try again and practice until you can consistently tell what each other is thinking about.

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