How to Discern the Difference between Bad Energies and Good Energies

This exercise will teach you how to flick back and forth from a negative to a positive state, then from a positive to a negative state. It should be as simple as turning on and off a light switch. It’s a practice like any other where you’re learning a new skill. At first, the concept and practice may appear strange, if not difficult, as you learn how to turn off and on the sensations in your physical body. If you learn how to do this, you will be less affected by negative energies around you because you will be able to power yourself up with positive energies. Empaths, like myself, are extremely sensitive to the energies around us. They have a unique ability to detect negative energies, unlike others who cannot detect them but are still affected by them. I value empaths because I know they are the forerunners of the new earth energies. They are able to sense negative energies, allowing them to proceed with their mission of cleansing the earth by shifting their focus to positive feelings and emotions.
Imagine a world in which everyone on the planet could turn ON Joy, Peace, and Love at any time! If everyone followed this practice, we would be able to eliminate pain, suffering, and misery.
So, let’s get started on this practice so you can tell the difference between bad and good energies.

The Method:

First, a positive one: Bring to mind a pleasant memory. It should have been a happy, joyful, and safe time for you. Try to imagine it in as much detail as possible. Keep that image and the associated feeling in your mind for five minutes.
Negative one: Next, recall a particularly difficult period in your life when you were unhappy, upset, hurt, betrayed, or manipulated. When you step into negativity, you will notice that your body tightens in some areas. Some people may experience tenseness in their jaws, shoulders, back, or even stomach area.

Then switch to positive: Then, shift your focus back to the positive and notice the difference in your body. Isn’t it amazing to be able to change how your body feels on the inside? Now that you know how to do it, you will always have the option of feeling good or bad.
Here are some pointers to help you improve your practice:
• Pay attention to how your physical body feels when you activate positive, then step into negative, and then back into positive. Repeat this a few times and try to immerse yourself in the sensation.
• When you recall a positive experience in your life, you will have a memory to watch. Pay attention to the people who were there, the environment you were in, the temperature, the feel of the breeze on your skin, the sounds you hear, and the different smells.
• Each memory contains a cluster of feelings and emotions, so try to isolate one of them and then pay attention to how that emotion feels in your body.

• It takes practice to untangle a cluster in order to discern, but the effort is well worth it, especially for energy healers.

• Decide to feel only one emotion at a time. Feel how Love feels in your body, for example. Then select Peace, followed by Joy or Inspiration. Take your time immersing yourself in the various emotions.

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