Learn how to commune with your spirit guides

Connecting With Spirit Guides

Being able to connect with your spirit guide is a great psychic ability to have. Not only are they going to guide and support you, but your spirit guide will also help you help other people that are lost in life and in need of helping. We need this loving and guiding presence that is filled with love now more than ever because of all the chaos and negativity that is happening in the world. Do not be afraid to call upon your spirit guide anytime you need them because they are always with us. Just be careful to not accidentally call an evil spirit, make sure to communicate with them and confirm their intentions before you welcome them.

What Is A Spirit Guide

A spirit guide is a spiritual entity that acts as a psychic’s protector and gives guidance. Some of the spirit guides have been with you even before you were born and some of them came to you as you needed them at different moments in your life or they can come when you request their guidance. A spirit guide holds energy and has the ability to communicate with us using the energy around us to send us messages or visions. They are also filled with the energy of love and peace that helps us feel at ease whenever they are supporting us and giving us guidance.

Types Of Spirit Guides

Spirit guides come in different forms and types, and they can be one of the following:

1. Deceased Loved Ones Or Ancestors

Our deceased loved ones can be our spirit guide if they decide to stay here on earth and be your spirit guide and actively assist you in your life endeavors. This could be a loved one you know or it could also be one of your ancestors that you do not even know but wants to help you in your life because you have similarities.

2. Spirit Animals

A Spirit Animal could be a pet you had before but has already passed away or it could be any animal that has something to teach you. They can show up in your dreams or they can appear in front of you while you are meditating. They can also send you a sign by appearing in a picture that you see somewhere in your everyday life such as, an advertisement on a car ride or in a mug of your coworker.

3. Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters were once human but they attained eternal awakening and they ascended to the spirit realm. An example of a well-known ascended master is Buddha, who went on a journey to find spiritual enlightenment. They guide other humans into a better path so we can also attain spiritual enlightenment.

4. Other Helpful Spirits

These are people who have passed away in the past but they decided to stay behind and guide other people that they may be interested in. Some just wanted to help and others wanted to find a friend. Just make sure that the spirit you connect to is not a bad spirit.

5. Guardian Angels

Each of us has a guardian angel that is assigned to us exclusively that is usually there to observe and protect us from the negativity of the world. They are with us before we are even born; they are watching over us and protecting us at all times.

6. Other Helper Angels
This type of angel is the one that is not assigned to a specific person so they go around and find someone to help and guide. They may choose to stay with you for a while or only after they are finished with a specific lesson they wanted to teach you.

7. Archangels

Archangels are the strongest type of angels and they have the most powerful energy among all the angels. They are the leaders of the Angel world and each of them has a specialty. Archangel Raphael, for example, specializes in healing and can work with multiple persons at once.

How To Connect With A Spirit Guide

Connecting with a spirit guide has plenty of benefits and all psychics should be connecting with their spirit guide to ask for guidance. Here are some helpful tips to help you connect with your spirit guide.

1. Trust In Your Psychic Abilities And Concentrate You should believe in yourself and in your ability to call upon your spirit guide. Know that every one of us has a spirit guide filled with the energy of positivity and love that is always present to help and guide us. The more that you trust in your psychic ability, the more that it will manifest and you will be able to connect with your spirit guide easily.

2. Ask For Your Spirit Guide

We often forget that we have a spirit guide that is always with us. Because of our busy everyday life, it is really easy to slip one’s mind that we have this guidance. You should get in the habit of asking for your spirit guide’s help and guidance. The more that you ask for your spirit guide’s support, the more that you will receive its guidance. Think about all the things you need help with and do not be afraid to ask your spirit guide for help because they will be more than happy to help us because it is what they want to do.

3. Listen To Your Spirit Guide The way a psychic can listen to his spirit guide is by meditation. When you meditate, you enter a state of complete focus and relaxation. Everything around you will be quiet and your mind will become clear. This will be the perfect time for you to listen to your spirit guide for their wisdom and guidance. We have to slow down our vibrations so that we can be aligned with the presence of our spirit guide. When we line up our energies to the frequency of peace and love, we can easily connect with the message that our spirit guide is sending to us.

4. Ask For A Sign From Your Spirit Guide Our spirit guide shows us signs often and sometimes we are not even aware of it. You can ask your spirit guide for a sign to guide you towards anything you want. If you need guidance about a decision that you are not sure about, or you just want confirmation that what you are doing is correct, you can ask your spirit guide to show you a sign. Just let whatever comes to your mind first to be the sign, allow it to come to you naturally and do not force it. You may receive a sign in the form of a song that you hear, an animal, or a thing that symbolizes something that is related to the thing that you ask guidance about.

5. Pay Attention To The Signs That You Are Receiving Of course, after asking for a sign from your spirit guide, you should pay attention to your surroundings and try to notice the sign that you are asking for. Paying attention and looking out for the sign that you asked for is not about being demanding, you should not go around all day asking your spirit guidance where your sign is. Instead, you should be patient and simply allow yourself to be open to the wonders of your spirit guide’s guidance and wait for the sign that you asked for.

6. Always Be Grateful To Your Spirit Guide You should be grateful to your spirit guide for all the support and guidance that they are giving you. Instead of always being in a state of neediness, it is a good idea to sometimes say thank you to our spirit guides. We should appreciate our spirit guide because even without our knowledge, they are out there supporting us and sending us guidance to help us with our life. Your gratitude towards them will make your relationship with your spirit guide stronger and it will help keep your spirit guide present with you all the time because they know that you are welcoming them.

Communicate With Your Spirit Guide As Much As You Can

Once you are comfortable with connecting with your spirit guide, you should communicate with it as often as you can because the more you communicate with your spirit guide, the more you will rely on it. The more that you ask for divine guidance and you surrender yourself to it, the more miracles will happen to your life.
Your spirit guide always wants to connect with you because it makes them happy that they are able to help people. Communicating with your spirit guide does not always have to be you asking for a favor, you can speak to them and thank them for all the help and guidance they did for you to better your life.

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