The Surprising Secrets Behind Intuition,Telepathy and Mind-Reading

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Telepathy And Imagination

Finding the difference between telepathy and imagination is as simple as creating an experiment with your telepathy partner. You can also confirm if your vision is telepathy or imagination by asking the people involved in your vision. For example, when you suddenly saw a picture in your mind that shows your spouse in a dangerous situation. You should definitely call her immediately and ask her to confirm but do not suddenly ask her questions that will freak her out like “Did you have an accident, are you okay?”. Instead, you can ask her for other specific details that can be connected with your vision like “Where are you right now?” or “What are you currently doing?”. After that, you can compare her answers if it is connected to the vision you saw.
Do not worry because you will only be confused about it in the beginning. Once you get comfortable with your ability you will be able to tell right away if it is just your imagination or it is a telepathic transmission.

Opening Your Third Eye

Opening our third eye is an essential step to unlocking our sleeping psychic abilities. Having an opened third eye is required to perceive the world around us in a spiritual manner. If your third eye is not yet opened, you should try and open it as soon as you can because it will be a major step in your psychic ability development journey. Your third eye will help you with developing all your other psychic abilities.

What Is A Third Eye

Our third eye is located in our forehead right above the middle of our eyebrows. The third eye is the key to most of the psychic abilities that we possess, it is the center of our energies and chakras related to clarity, imagination, intuition, concentration, spiritual perception, and universal connection. While our two physical eyes see the physical world, our third eye sees the world beyond that, it sees the spiritual world which is the world that contains the secrets of our universe, the things that physical science cannot explain.

Steps to Opening Your Third EyeOpening your third eye is not an easy feat. It requires dedication and complete focus on your goal. Believing in the higher powers that govern our universe is essential and also believing in yourself. With these steps, I will help you open your third eye and awaken you to a world of infinite possibilities.

1. Focus Your Concentration On The Area

Of Your Third Eye, The first thing to do is to focus and concentrate all your energies in the area of your third eye. It is located in our forehead above the middle of our eyebrows. Find a comfortable position and close your eyes, then feel your energies and concentrate them in your third eye to open it. This may not work right away but with your continuous efforts and determination, you will be rewarded with an opened third eye.

2. Breathe Slowly And Calmly

After finding the perfect position for you, breathe slowly and calmly to relax yourself and help you focus more on opening your third eye. You should find the perfect balance of relaxation and focus to achieve your goal of opening your third eye.

3. Pay Attention To Your Visions And Dreams

Our dreams can sometimes be disoriented and confusing but always pay attention to your dreams because it may give you clues on opening your third eye. It is recommended to write down your dreams and make a dream journal to track your dreams and try to find a pattern that can help you. Visions are also one to look out for, sometimes we are given a vision and we thought it is just our imagination but it can be our spirit guide helping you achieve your goal. So do not just dismiss it as your imagination because it could be something helpful.

4. Take Care Of Your Body And Eat Nutritious Foods Of course

We should also take care of our body because it is our spirit’s vessel. A body that is well taken care of is going to be a better temple for your spirit and can help improve your energies and chakras. Food choices are very important for chakra alignment because our food choices govern our energy. If you are always eating junk food it will be a lot harder for you to concentrate and open your third eye, so eat healthy foods instead.

5. Meditate With Crystals Or Essential Oils

Crystals are a great spiritual tool that can help us open our third eye. You can try placing a crystal on the area of your third eye, which is in your forehead, while you are laying down comfortably and focus your breathing and your energy on the crystal to help you focus on opening your third eye. You can also hold the crystal in your hands while you are meditating. Using essential oils together with your crystal can help you even further. Diffusing essential oils that have scents like lavender, pine, frankincense, or sandalwood help gently stimulate your pineal glands which help in opening your third eye.

How To Know When Your Third Eye Is Opened

There is no specific time on how long you need in order to open your third eye. It varies from person to person depending on their psychic energies. Some believe that it can take years to a lifetime of practice to open our third eye and some believe you can open it in a short amount of time like a week or a month. The most important thing is to not rush it or try to force anything. Focus on your practice and do whatever feels right for you instead of worrying about a deadline.

To know when your third eye is open, the answer is simple. You will become more aware of the field of energy around you and you will gain access to a higher consciousness which will allow you to receive guidance messages and visions from your spirit guide. This will also help you gain psychic abilities such as telepathy and you will have heightened intuitions.

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