Aura Readings – The best way to improve your mood and well-being

Aura Reading
An aura reading is a process in which a psychic empath begins to tap into another person’s energy field to reveal the other person’s personality, motives, and purpose. The aura colors are a tool given to us by the universe to help us recognize a person’s overall personality. Seeing what the issues are in a person’s energy will allow them to be more responsible with their energy, to help them make better and more genuine choices in their lives, and move past walls and other hurdles in their life that they have been conditioned to live with.

What Is An Aura

The main purpose of aura reading is to embrace yourself for who you really are. Auras are described as an electromagnetic field that surrounds a person’s body and is associated with energy signature around every person. Understanding your aura can help you live your life more truthfully in every aspect of your life such as your career, money, motivation, and relationship with yourself and other people. Auras can also be contagious, which is why you may start to feel extra happy if you are around someone with a positive aura and you might feel drained when you are around someone with a negative aura. Aura is like a personality type and it has a certain color that represents each personality type.

Aura Colors And Their Meaning

While there are different layers and colors to each person’s aura that all mean different things, every person has one predominant aura color that represents their personality. Also, take note that a person’s aura can change depending on their current state of mind but it will most likely return to its original color once everything is settled down. Like when you are experiencing an extreme mood change due to a horrible friend, your aura will most likely reflect that. Other things like physical and emotional trauma or illness can also affect your aura color.

White – A white aura shows a well-balanced personality, one that is calm and open to all possibilities. This color of the aura is the rarest of all aura colors.

Black – A black aura can represent dark energy which is often pessimistic and unkind. A person with this color of the aura is most likely filled with lots of negative energy.

Grey – A grey aura can show uncertainty and skepticism about other people and situations. A person with this aura color can be filled with doubts and would most likely not try something new.

Brown – A brown aura or tan aura color often represents career-drive and a person who loves working with their hand. People with this aura color are very logical and practical, they are the type of friend that has a strict budget and a detailed long-term plan. They know that hard work and strategy can get them to where they want to go.

Red – A red aura means that a person is confident, aggressive, and strong. They are passionate, goal-oriented, and love to take charge. They are ambitious, brave, and never back down from a challenge.

Pink – A pink aura indicates that a person has a romantic and gentle soul. Unlike people with red auras, people with pink aura like peace and harmony more than anything. They usually end a fight before it can even begin. Everyone around them loves their kind and calming energy.

Magenta – A magenta aura means that a person is very independent. They are creative and funny, the ones who many people like to watch. They make trends instead of following one. Some people might think that magenta aura people are weird but deep down, they only admire the individuality of the person with a magenta aura.

Orange – An orange aura represents being energetic and lively. People with this aura color are most likely in good health and have a lot of energy to do things. They are the type of people that always try to work out in a gym. They are optimistic and sociable, and they make friends easily. They get along with almost everyone because of their positivity and they are usually always in a good mood.

Yellow – A yellow aura represents optimism, intelligence, and freedom. People with this aura color are always very full of life. Communication is their strong point, they might be a talkative person or a prolific writer. They love to have fun and tend to take life less seriously. They are witty, smart, and confident. That is why other people want to be like them.

Green – A green aura represents growth and healing. People with this aura love nature. They develop self-love, overcome problems, and forgive those who wronged them. They are compassionate and open.
They tend to have a practical worldview. They are likely to be influenced by their surroundings, which is why it is important for them to make time and go out in nature, whether it be just simply turning off their phone, going camping for a week, or just taking a walk in a park.

Blue – A person with a blue aura is caring, empathetic, and sensitive. They take life more seriously than other aura colors. They are expressive and creative, and they place a lot of value on close personal relationships like their family members and their closest friends. They value truth and honesty, so they do not like people who lie to them.

Indigo – The indigo aura indicates that a person is both very creative and very shy. They are often off at a corner in a party, silently thinking about creative things such as composing a song or writing a book. They have strong intuition and they are curious people. They always want to learn more and find out what the truth is.

Violet – A violet aura indicates that a person is wise, spiritual, and artistic. They often daydream or get lost in their fantasy. They are very intuitive, very spiritual, and have a strong gut feeling. The people that surround them value their empathy and wisdom, even if other people do not always understand them.

How To Read A Person’s Aura

It is possible to learn to see your own aura, you may see it in a mirror by clearing your mind and focusing on trying to sense your aura. It is helpful to do this while you are meditating and you are visualizing your aura. You can also connect with your spirit guide and ask them to show you your aura. Sometimes, you might not be able to see your aura right away but you will definitely feel that it is there. After a few practices and once you are starting to get comfortable with reading your own aura, you can try to move on to reading your friend’s or family’s aura.

Benefits Of Aura Reading

An aura reading can help you or other people keep your own feelings and emotions in check. You may be giving off negative energy even if you are not aware of it or you could be allowing other people’s energies to affect you more than you even realize.
Knowing and understanding your aura can also help you understand your- self and know what it is that you truly desire. It can also help you identify other people’s intentions if they are good or not and you can avoid them or help guide them into a better path.

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